Security Specialists

Physical security/risk management and mitigation orchestration services

We take pride in our work as security architects providing a sound and balanced control-risk-cost approach when we are designing and executing commissioned services for our valued clients.

ACA begins with identification and assessment of threats, implementation of proactive measures in order to neutralize a possible situations, adopting a series of logical phases to ensure smooth continuity of business is maintained. By assessing the risks and threats to your company, whether it is expanding overseas to high threat areas, personal security of executives or conducting internal security audits.

Services spectrum cover tactical planning, orchestration, training and execution of Protection, Deterrence and Intrusion mitigation plans for securing individuals and/or resources; achieved by effective adoption of multiple layers of independent disciplines/assets - specialized systems/skilled individuals - in fulfilment to our valued clients requirements.

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ACA Secure Transport services by vetted professionals for your safety and comfort.

Due Diligence

Investigating corporate owners and backgrounds to make sure everything is clean and straight, and to make sure there are no scams. Also investigating employees' backgrounds to ensure there is no criminal or terrorist background. We provide criminal background checks, accident fraud to insurance investigations.

Evacuation & Extraction

This includes helping you through a certain crisis and then making sure you are evacuated safely from an area of threat.

Security Audit

Be it your living, working or event space, ACA Security Audit services empower safety & security assurance of the venue and it's tenants

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Your Security needs are ours to fulfil

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About us

Commitment to Quality Service

U.K. established with active MENA presence; harnessing +24 years of field experience in continuous service rendering - to individuals & organizations - specializing in the realm of Security and Safety assurance.

With growing years of solid background and experience in the security industry, ACA has foundational expertise in risk management/assessment/mitigation that aid in systematic, cost efficient rendering of our services without compromising Quality.

A.C. & Associates

We take pride in our work as security architects providing a sound & balanced control-risk-cost services when designing and executing commissioned services for our valued clients.