Security Specialists

Physical security/risk management and mitigation orchestration services

According to the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP), “The world is less peaceful today that at any time in the past decade.” A person’s safety can no longer be assumed or expected, it is time to take measures into your own hands for the safety of your business, your clients, your executives, your family, and yourself.

Ali Chahine & Associates (ACA) is a security firm that provides strategic, tactical, and operational security consultation and services for business organizations, governments, hotels, events, and homes. It is our mission to provide you with the highest level of security services, peace of mind, and knowledge of proper safety measures.

With over 22 years of experience in security services and consulting, ACA has developed a solid foundation of expertise in risk management and assessment, systematically selecting cost efficient approaches for mitigating hazard effects and successfully serving clients.

Core Values

Customer Focus

We keep our customers at the core of everything we do. By working closely with our customers and understanding their needs, we design tailored security solutions and support in order to ensure the best possible outcomes.


We take responsibility for our clients and partners safety, and therefore understand the importance of being reliable. By being a reliable partner to customers and employees, through transparency and open communication as well as honoring commitments, we are able to ensure peace of mind.


We maintain high standards of professionalism when conducting our business. All our staff and employees are held to the highest-standards in the field and are required to be highly trained and qualified individuals.


We respect the privacy of partners and clients. We understand the importance of confidentiality of information we have access to in our field of work, and we protect this information at all costs.

Secure Transportation Services

ACA specializes in discreet and secure transportation to executives, dignitaries, public figures, celebrities and other high-profile business and pleasure passengers with the need to arrive safely and on time to their destination. We make sure to study and assess routes, design alternative routes in the case of an emergency, and allocate safe havens, to ensure our client’s trips are secure, undisrupted, and efficient.

Our cars range from low profile Sedans to executive armored SUVs and depending on the level of security, ACA protective agents may be armed and are all expertly trained. Security drivers hold defensive driving qualifications to bring you the ultimate chauffeured security transportation.

Airport Meet-and-Assist Services

Airport meet-and-assist services ensure clients are secure upon arrival. Prior to departure, a detailed resume of the security consultant is shared with the client to eliminate any risk. On arrival, our security consultant will meet the executive at the aircraft door and escort him through immigration and baggage claim and deliver him directly to the secure transport team. The same service is offered upon departure as well, ensuring the visitor checked-in and escorted through all procedures.


SecuCab is a new service offered by ACA that makes security services available to everyone. Much like a regular taxi services, SecuCab will pick-up and drop-off clients to their preferred destinations, but with an informed and trained driver who is able to handle and crisis or emergency situation.

Individuals or families visiting a new country and would prefer to have a well-informed driver that can guarantee their safety will find SecuCab to be their choice of travel.

Executive Protection

Executives are provided protection from arrival to the airport until they checkout of the country by round-the-clock, trained escorts who will have already scanned location prior to the client’s arrival for their safety and security. Motorcades of armored vehicles and security drivers are also available.

Daily Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Daily pick-up and drop-off services offer clients secure transportation to and from meetings, appointments, and more. Trained drivers will pick-up and return the client to their place of residence securely.

Evacuations and Extractions

Evacuations and extractions services are offered for crisis scenarios. Subjects are removed from the crisis and evacuated from the area of threat to a secure location.

Safety Training

Safety training provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to manage a crisis safely. These include the knowledge of planning for a fire and fire drills, beginner first aid, and reacting in a crisis. For corporate organizations, the value of this training lies not only with the knowledge and skills it provides to employees to manage a crisis, but in the damage control that comes as a result of this knowledge. For families, this knowledge is priceless. Your children and loved ones are your responsibility, and you need to be well trained to react in the safest manner in the case of an emergency.

Safety training differs from fire training, first aid training, evacuation training and personal protection training.

We provide safety training for:

Management & Staff

ACA provide tailored trainings for management team and staff. During the training, attendees will learn first aid, defensive driving, crises management, responding to natural disasters; as well as implement fire drills, on-site safety, evacuation drills; and will attend awareness seminars.

Security Staff

Security Staff training is an in-depth training for security personnel. Attendees will master evasive driving, CCTV operation, fire fighting, evacuation procedures, security etiquette, safety measures, close protection, and weapons training.

Residential Buildings, Homes, and Compounds

ACA provides residents with the necessary training to reacting to a crisis. Field experts who will ensure every person’s role is identified and performed within a proper timeframe will offer training.

Academic & Educational Centers

At ACA we believe that it is essential for children, teachers, and school staff to be well informed on safety procedures and managing emergencies.

As part of this training, a risk assessment is performed in the educational institution to ensure the area is well equipped and has safety exits. Accordingly, a safety plan will be designed and delivered to teachers and students on how to react and behave in the case of an emergency.


At home emergencies are common and easily managed. These include gas leaks, electric friction, fires, and more. Through this course, attendees will understand the importance of at-home safety, fire planning, basic first aid, and crisis reaction.

Entertainment Security

A full range of security services for celebrities including but not limited to musicians, actors, athletes, directors, and performers as well as entertainment industry venues like casinos, amusement parks, sports fields, etc.

Entertainment security services include:

VIP Meet & Greet

Airport greeting by experienced personnel who will escort celebrities to a VIP lounge for an initial security briefing before their journey.

24/7 Protection

Round-the-clock protection to ensure a safe and secure trip for celebrities who tend to be more at risk than others due to their popularity and large following.


Secure transportation during tours via an armored vehicles motorcade.

Venue Specialist

Venue scan and evaluation held prior to the event to generate accurate directions for security and security measures to be taken.

Venue Security

Venue security includes a complete pre-scan of an event venue and onsite security to ensure sure that there are no threats present during an event. These events can range in sizes and may include corporate meetings, conventions, celebrity functions, hotel galas, movie productions, private parties, grand openings, fund raisers, political campaigns, high-profile weddings, marketing events, etc.

Executive Security

Executive security is designed for the safety and protection of VIPs. From airport arrival to checkout and departure, VIPs are escorted and protected by ACA security personnel. Clients also have the option of a motorcade of armored vehicles and security drivers. Additionally, clients can be at ease as advanced units are sent prior to visits of destinations for security scans and appropriate planning.

Travel Risk Management

Security Briefing

Clients are briefed information relevant to their travel. Briefings are directly related to the client’s destination, and the level of detail is determined by the degree of threat present in the country. In low-threat countries, briefings include cultural norms whereas high-threat country briefings will dictate client response suggestion in the case of any danger.

Due Diligence

Investigating corporate owners, employees, and other individuals and backgrounds for any criminal, terrorist, or unlawful behavior or background. ACA provides criminal background checks, accident fraud to insurance investigations, etc.

Threat Assessment

Threats to companies or individuals are identified and assessed by ACA, who in turn provide and implement proactive measures in order to neutralize a possible dangerous situation.

Information Services

Threat monitoring and reporting which is presented to clients before they perform their travel.


Venue Specialist

ACA performs a complete scan of a venue and provides a consultancy report on the most efficient and proactive methods of securing the space, number of security guards needed, and best practice at entrances and exits.

Academic & Educational Centers

ACA conducts an in-depth threat and a risk assessment, which involves a physical inspection of the school grounds and its surrounding neighborhood as well as identifying any gap in the security system. Once completed, ACA provides a reviewed emergency plan and procedure for the center.


ACA works on protecting corporations by providing reports, investigations, and completing due diligences. Using their own crisis management scheme including loss prevention, contingency and evacuation plans, ACA provides a business continuity system to protect the staff and the corporation’s reputation as well as ensure their continuation, trade and profit.


ACA evaluates and recommends a security protocol on the grounds of any facility, whether malls, banks, hospitals, hotels, resorts, or towers. Trainers prepare workers at factories, warehouses and platforms to take on the necessary safety measures not only in cases of emergency, but also basic safety rituals on a daily basis.